The TuonomeGroup is an umbrella-organisation that gathers many different companies. The TuonomeGroup grew out of srl, the Italian mother company, that has branches in Belgium , the Netherlands, France, Spain, and the United States. What can we offer you? The TuonomeGroup, thanks to its locally diversified presence, was able to develop a profound knowledge of the registration policies under many different country code Top Level Domains.

Indeed, enabling customers worldwide to register their webaddress under as many ccTLDs as possible is our scope. Having a presence in for example the Netherlands, enabled us to have direct contact with the competent Registry and to have a complete overview of the daily reality for what Internet domain name registration in the Netherlands is concerned.
And this applies for all ccTLDs: our staff invested in exploring domain name registration possibilities under various particularly interesting country code TLDs.
For those countries where the TuonomeGroup has a local branch, a dedicated web site in the local language of that specific country is available where you may consult the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, or contact our staff directly.

The TuonomeGroup offers you professional assistance in developing your own Internet presence. Next to the registration of domain names under different Top Level Domains, we offer you some "additional services". Like for example hosting packages, maintenance of the Domain Name Server linked to the domain name (always offered for free, except when a fee is required by the competent registry), URL-forwarding (Redirect PLUS or Redirect FREE) and so on. A particularly interesting service is included in the TuonomeGroup’s offering: all customers who already registered a domain name through the online registration possibilities of the TuonomeGroup can have their own, personalised "Courtesy Page" For FREE! .

We invite you to have a look at the TuonomeGroup offering. Good luck in registering your Internet presence !
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