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.coop is a new restricted Top Level Domain : shortly after the launch date of the new Registry, soma Registrars were accredited. Tuonome.it, part of the TuonomeGroup, was proud to be among the first Registrars to obtain accreditation for this newcomer in the Internet domain name space.

As mentioned before, .coop is a restricted TLD. This means that the TLP is only open to a well-defined group of potential registrants, namely bona fide cooperatives and cooperative service organizations which respect rules such as member ownership and control, to ensure the integrity of the cooperative name and to maintain consumer trust.

Co-operatives around the world can benefit from using a .coop domain name. Whether you have a web site or not or whether your cooperative is large or small, .coop provides many benefits to co-operatives. .COOP enhances the value of your web names by instantly telling users - in just four letters - that your business is a cooperative, owned and governed by its members.

So be creative and register names that reflect your cooperative's image.

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Fee  85 € a year + VAT*.

Please remember that the registration term of 2 years (24 months) is.

Registration and Maintainance fees (24 months)

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The annual registration fee : 85 € + VAT*
The registration term : 2 years
*VAT 20% only applies to Italian citizens and/or companies

85 € x 2 years = 170 euro + VAT*. The total registration fee is of 170 euro + VAT*.



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