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TuonomeGroup offers you the possibility to immediately verify the availability of your domain name .ES :  simply type the domain name in question in the search window on top of this page. 

Among all the countries belonging to the European Union, Spain is the country with the most severe and restrictive registation policies for Internet domain names.  There are no territorial restrictions in the strict sense of the word:  both individuals and companies can register their domain name under .ES, whether they are Spanish or not.  On one condition however:  they have to be registered at the Spanish equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce (Registro).  In case of foreign companies, having various branches, only the first branch, registered at the Spanish "Registro Mercantil", can register  a domain name.

Only one domain name can be registered per company.  Various rules, like in many other TLDs, have to be respected when choosing an Internet domain name:
- the minimum lenght is  3 characters, however the recommended minimum length is 5 characters, in order to avoid conflicts.  The maximum length is 63 characters
- the domain name may not correspond to a Top Level Domain: com,  edu, gov, int etc
- the domain name may not correspond exclusively to a placename (eg. countries, regions, provinces, isles etc.)
- the domain name may not correspond to exclusively to a generic name (or abreviation of a generic name) of products, sectors, services, professions, technologies etc...
- May not coincide with Internet terminology (eg. telnet, ftp, web, email etc .)

You may ask yourselves: what's left for me to register ?

- The entire name of your company as it appears in the constitutional document
- An acronm of the complete name of your company, that is easy to associate to the official company name
- A commercial name or a legally registered trademark at the Office for Trademarks and Patents or Harmonisation office of the Internal Market (UAMI at Alicante)
-  Individuals can only register a domain name in case the domain name a commercial name is or the trademark they own. 

The registration term is of one year.  The registration fee is of 1 year.

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Tariffs  40 € a year

Included are, for a 12 month period:

Rights to be paid to the respective authority

Maintenance fees

Registration fees

FREE! indicating your own DNS (optional)

FREE! Redirection of the domain name to your IP number (optional)

The annual registration fee is 40 €
The registration term is of 1 year 


Company Data

Tuonome Spain SL 
Paseo de Gracia 111 
08005 Barcelona - Spain

TuonomeGroup has a presence on the  Spanish national business market.  Tuonome Spain SL, being a Spanish company, enables our staff to have an accurate image of the general customer's requirements.  Thanks to the presence of the TuonomeGroup in Spain (in the heart of Barcelona's business centre), we were able to develop a profound knowledge of the not so straightforward registration policies for the .ES Top Level Domain.  


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