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TuonomeGroup offers you the possibility to immediately verify the availability of your domain name .FR :  simply type the domain name in question in the search window on top of this page.  For detailed information about the registration policies, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, consult our dedicated web site: http://www.tonnom.fr

The French competent Registry for the registration of Internet domain names under the country code Top Level Domain .FR is better known as AFNIC (Association Francaise pour le Nommage Internet en Cooperation).  AFNIC offers you the possibility to register directly under .FR, only in case you are a company that is officially registered in France.   The registration policies for this TLD therefor oblige you to respect the territorial restrictions.  French registered companies may register up to 5 domain names under the ccTLD .FR.  The domain name itself has to be found in the KBIS extract.  (document that prooves the registration of your company at the French equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce)  Some statistics:  in May 2001, 113.264 domain names had been registered directly under .FR

All future domain name holders must necessarily file a domain name application for their domain name(s) at one of the by AFNIC authorised registrars, called "prestataires".  Just like most of the country code TLDs worldwide, the motto "first-come, first-served" also applies for registrations in France.
The registration term is of one year.  We will contact you directly by means of e-mail concerning the renewal procedures.

Our company in Paris, at walking distance from the Champs Elisées, has a profound knowledge of the registration procedures and policies under .FR, so be assured:  we will take care of your domain name registration !

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Tariffs  35 € a year

Included are, for a 12-month period:

Rights to be paid to the respective authority

Maintenance fees

Registration fees

FREE! indicating your own DNS (optional)

FREE! Redirection of the domain name to your IP number (optional)

* The annual registration fee is 35 U$D
The registration term is of 1 year

Email : info@tonnom.fr

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TuonomeGroup has a presence on the   national business market of the country of red wine and "pain baguette".  Tuonome.fr SARL, having its seat in the city of la Tour Eiffel, at walking distance fom the Champs Elisées.  Thanks to the presence of the TuonomeGroup in France, we were able to develop a detailed knowledge of the registration policies under .FR.   

Email : info@tonnom.fr

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