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.IT :  The Top Level Domain, reflecting the spirit  of the 21st Century :  Information Technology makes the world go round !

In order to register a domain name under the country code Top Level domain .IT, one necessarily has to file a domain name application at a maintainer, accredited by The Registration Authority Italiana (NIC-IT). Tuonome.it srl is one of the Italian Registration Authority’s accredited registrars, authorised to register domain names or make changes to the registration data on behalf of its customers. We offer you the possibility to check the availability of your preferred domain name .IT directly on top of this page. In case you wish to have a more detailed overview of the registration policies and naming rules of domain name registrations under .IT, have a look at our dedicated web site:  http://www.tuonome.it  Here you can find an answer to many of the most frequently asked questions.  

The requests for registration under the .IT will be handled by the competent Registry in chronological order (first come first served principle). Only inhabitants of the member-countries of the European Union can register a domain name .IT, so there are some territorial restrictions. Those who have a VAT-number can register an unlimited number of domain names .IT, private individuals can register only one domain name .IT.

The Nameservers have to be configured correctly, following the requirements of the Registration Authority Italiana. Please remember that the registration of a .IT domain name happens on a "first come, first served" basis. This means that the first person applying for a particular name may become the domain name holder. This is the person or entity that will have an exclusive right to the use thereof on the Internet.

When registering a domain name .IT, some supporting documentation is required, the so-called  "Assumption of Responsibility letter". You will receive this letter automatically in your inbox of the e-mail address you indicated in the on line registration form. A correctly filled in letter is one of the preconditions for completion of the registration procedure at the Registration Authority Italiana. By means of the letter you assume full civil and penal responsibility for the domain name in question. Moreover it contains the domain name holder’s identification data. NIC-IT will give an exclusive license to the domain name holder to use the domain name for a period of one year (12 months). This license can be renewed by the domain name holder.

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Tariffs  15 € a year

Included are, for a 12-month period:

Rights to be paid to the respective authority

Maintenance fees

Registration fees

FREE! indicating your own DNS (optional)

FREE! Redirection of the domain name to your IP number (optional)

The annual registration fee is 15 U$D
The registration term is of 1 year 


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TuonomeGroup found its origins in Tuonome.it srl, an important player in the Italian domain name registration market.  Tuonome.it started initially registering domain names under the TLD .IT, but gradually the structure grew:  various branches all over Europe originated and many Internet extensions were added to its country code Top Level domain offering.  Tuonome.it srl thanks its success to a well-trained staff with a profound knowledge of the domain name registration business.


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