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Check the availability of your domain name and register

.museum domain names are one of the most interesting newcomers in the Internet domain name registration business. The .museum Top Level Domain is dedicated to all members of the Museum Community, that acquired significant new means for increasing their visibility and identity on the Internet. Registration in .museum is restricted to museums, museum organisations and individual members of the museum profession according to the definition established by the International Council of Museums. Stringent registration policies and procedures ensure that
.museum domain names are registered by eligible entities. Tuonome.it is proud to be
one the first.museum accredited registrars.
The eligibility of each potential .museum domain name holder is verified by the competent Registry for .museum domain names, which also ensures that all names in .museum conform to specified naming conventions. Before being able to register your .museum domain name, you will need to pass the Eligibility check : this means that you will need to apply for a .museum ENS-id and a password, which establishes that you are a bona fide member of the .MUSEUM community.
The ENS-ID and password will be provided to you by the competent Registry of .museum domain names: MuseDoma. The one-time application fee for the ENS-ID is 100 U$D. The pricing policy for ENS-ID applications has been stipulated by the competent Registry MuseDoma and not by the TuonomeGroup. If you wish to apply for your ENS-id now, click here : http://museum.tuonome.it/ens_id.htm

The .museum Registry will give you an exclusive license to use your .museum domain name for a period of 2 years (24 months).

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.MUSEUM Domain Names

Fee  80,00 € a year + VAT*

Please remember that the initial minimum registration period of 2 years is.

Included are:

Fees to be paid to the competent Authorities
Maintenance fees
Registration fees
FREE! Indicate your own DNS-settings (optional)
FREE! Redirect your domain name to your static IP-number (optional)

The annual domain name registration fee is 80,00 € + VAT* a year.
* VAT 20% only for Italian citizens and/or companies.

Please remember that the minimum registration term 2 years is.


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