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TuonomeGroup offers you the possibility to check directly the availability of your preferred domain name under .NL.  You can do this by typing the domain name in question directly in the search window on top of this page.  Alternatively, you can consult  directly our dedicated web site: http://www.tuonome.nl  

The NIC-NL, called SIDN, makes a distinction between 2 types of domain names: first of all there are domain names registered on behalf of companies (so-called "bedrijfsdomeinnamen"): At the end of 2001,  640896 domain names have been registered under this type. The other type of domain names under the ccTLD .NL are "persoonsdomeinnamen", or those registered on behalf of individuals: 617 domain names at the time of writing.

Looking at these numbers gives you already an idea of the restrictive and severe character of the registration policy adopted by the competent Registry.  In fact, only inhabitants or companies having their seat in the Netherlands can register a domain name .NL   Private individuals can register only 1 domain name, whereas companies can register an unlimited number of domain names under the .NL. In order to proof the fact that you are an inhabitant of the Netherlands or that your company has its seat in the country of tulips and windmills, you should be in the possession of an extract of one of the by SIDN (NIC-NL) accredited registers. In other words, written documentation is required as a proof.

The requests for registration under the .NL will be handled in chronological order (first come first served principle).

NIC-NL will give an exclusive license to the domain name holder to use the domain name for a period of one year (12 months). This license can be renewed by the domain name holder..

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The annual registration fee is 25 €
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TuonomeGroup has a presence on the   national business market of the Netherlands.  Tuonome.nl BV, having its seat in the city where an important chapter of the European Union's history was decided upon,  enables our staff to have an accurate image of the general customer's requirements.  Thanks to the presence of the TuonomeGroup in the Netherlands, we were able to develop a detailed knowledge of the registration policies under .NL.  

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