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In the Internet domain name space is subdivied into generic Top Level Domains (such as .COM .NET and .ORG), and on the other hand there are country code TLDs, such as .BE .IT and .PL.  This section of our web space is dedicated to the latter.

No local presence is required in order to register domain names under .PL.  There are nonetheless some restrictions as to the registration policies under this TLD:  if a company wants to register a domain name, the competent Registry for domain names under .PL requires a document that prooves that the company is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin.  Moreover, the Registry needs to have a proof, i.e. a document, that states that this particular company, the domain name applicant, the holder is of a registered trademark that corresponds to the domain name applied for.
Also private individuals may register a domain name under .PL  :  as a supporting document a copy of the passport or identity card for the domain name holder is required.  

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Tariffs  75 € a year

Included are, for a 12-month period:

Rights to be paid to the respective authority

Maintenance fees

Registration fees

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The annual registration fee is 75 €.
The registration term is of 1 year 

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