The TuonomeGroup gathers many different companies, all specialised in the Registration of Internet domain names and ccTLDs in particular

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Fill in the domain name + extension you registered. Indicate also your e-mail address. Select the services you are interested in and click on the SEND button!
You will receive an e-mail with the characteristics of the service you requested, instructions for the activation-procedure and completion of the payment.


After having registered a domain name under no matter which ccTLD, you may edit your own personalised "Courtesy Page"! It is very easy: by means of your username and password, you will gain access to a web form. Fill in the form, click, and your Courtesy Page is ready! There is no need to be an expert-webmaster, editing your courtesy page is easy and immediate.


The TuonomeGroup also offers hosting packages, of the commercial type.

For further details about their technical characteristics:


Domain registered:
E-Mail address:

Insert the data, choose the service(s) and click on ORDER

List of additional services offered by TUONOMEGROUP.COM

 - Change DNS of the Domain Name: 
   (some registries require a fee for the change DNS procedure)


 - Redirection of the domain name to your IP number


 - Courtesy Page


 - Redirect Free: URL-forwarding to already existing web site
   with HTML form (check domain) + 1 e-mail forwarding


 - Redirect Plus: URL-forwarding to already existing web site
   Unlimited e-mail forwarding

21 €*

 - Activation "Only Server Mail" on the Domain
   max. 3  e-mail addresses POP3 (traffic unlimited)

21 €*

 - 1  additional e-mail address POP3 (traffic unlimited)

7 €*

 - Hosting "Web Presence" 20 MB WEBspace + FTP
  + 1 E-Mail info@ with POP3 or e-mail forwarding

60 €*

 - Hosting "Light Domain" 25 MB BUSINESS WEBspace + FTP
  + 3 E-Mail addresses with POP3 or e-mail forwarding

130 €*

 - Hosting "Small Domain" 50 MB BUSINESS webspace + FTP
  + 10 E-Mail addresses POP3 or e-mail forwarding

200 €*

 - Hosting DIVISIBLE MULTIDOMAIN  "Business Domain"
   100 MB BUSINESS web space  + Administrator FTP access
  + 25 E-Mail addresses  POP3 or e-mail forwarding
  + 1 Indexing Search Motors  "Best Engine"

350 €*

*= Maintenance cost for period of 12 months
To the above mentioned prices has to be added : 20% VAT (only for Italian citizens or comapanies)

Next to our diversified registration offering under many different ccTLDs, the TuonomeGroup offers you some additional services. Some of the additional services are offered for free: maintenance and change of DNS for example. When registering your domain name through the TuonomeGroup, our DNS (Domain Name Server) is indicated in default. However you can also indicated your own DNS. This service is entirely free of charge**. The DNS identifies the Internet computer to which the domain name you registered will be configured.

The TuonomeGroup also offers its customers the possibility to redirect their domain name to already existing website. URL-forwarding implies that the domain name you registered will be redirected another web address, leaving the domain name frozen in the browserwindow. In our URL-forwarding services is included e-mail forwarding. E-mail forwarding consists in indicating an e-mail address of your choice on your web site, for example All messages that are being sent to that virtual e-mail address are delivered to the inbox of the address you currently use. ATTENTION: There is a difference between "REDIRECT FREE" (+ banner , 1 e-mail forwarding) and "REDIRECT PLUS " (no banner, unlimited e-mail forwarding)

Another free service we offer is the change of IP (Internet Protocol Number). An IP address is really no more than a numerical address where hosts, computers or routers can find each other on the Internet. This combination is unique, no two machines have the same IP address.

The TuonomeGroup also offers hosting packages, of the commercial type. In our hosting packages is always at least 1 e-mail address with POP3 account included. In our offering is included the possibility to acquire additional e-mail addresses separately. In case you wish to have e-mail addresses with POP3 account, without hosting possibilities through the TuonomeGroup, "Only Server Mail" is the right solution for your needs.

** Except when the competent Registry requires a fee for the "Change DNS"-procedure.

Enter your desired domain name and choose an extension
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