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Many good, interesting catchy domain names are already gone under the most known Top Level Domains like for example under .COM, but what about a domain name under .TO ? There is a fairly good chance that your preferred domain name still lies there, waiting for your domain name application!

.TO is the country code top Level Domain of the South Pacific Island Nation of Tonga. Domain names under this particular TLD are quality domain names since .the competent Registry for domain names under .TO was the first one to handle registrations automatically. So .TO is just right for your business!

Domain names are being assigned, just like many other Top Level Domains, following the first-come, first-served principle. There are no territorial restrictions or parameters to respect nor are supporting documents required.

Everybody can register a domain name under the .TO , the registration fee is 50 U$D a year. Attention: the registration term is 2 years (24 months) So : 50 U$D x 2 year = 100 U$D.

Interested? In order to get your .TO domain name registered, and consequently to get an Internet presence under the Top Level Domain .TO, check the availability of your preferred domain name and try it out now!!!

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Domain Names .to

Tariffs  50 U$D a year*

Included are, for a 24-month period:

Rights to be paid to the respective authority

Maintenance fees

Registration fees

FREE! indicating your own DNS (optional)

FREE! Redirection of the domain name to your IP number (optional)

* The annual registration fee is 50 U$D
The registration term is of 2 years: 50 U$D x 2 years = 100 U$D for 24 months.

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