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The Registry for the .TV is a private US-based company and the Top Level Domain it controls is one of the purely commercial ones. Anyone can register a domain name under the .TV   The registrations under this specific country code Top Level Domain .TV are growing fast. .TV is the ISO country code for Tuvalu, a small pacific island nation. This Top Level Domain appeals to a wide public due to its association with the famous two-letter symbol for television. Video, audio, real-time technologies….. they are all reflected in a new generation of online experiences.

You too can register your Internet domain name .TV !!  The registration fee is variable, depending on the domain name you wish to register. Most of the .TV web address can be registered for 50 € a year. Next to the average domain names, there is a special category: the so-called "premium"- domain names. What is a premium domain name? This type of web addresses are common words and phrases or 1-, 2-, and 3-character names. They do not have a fixed price, but the registration fee is decided upon by the competent Registry: one can register this type of domain names at variable prices above 50 € a year.

Also the pricing policy in case of renewal is rather particular: the Registry increases the annual registration fee by 5 % if you decide to renew your domain name after the initial registration term. You can elect to renew your domain name for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years.

In order to register your domain name .TV, go to our dedicated web site www.tuonome.tv and check the availability of your preferred domain name .TV.

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Tariffs  starting from 50 €*

Included are, for a 12-month period:

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Registration fees

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*The registration fee is 50 € + VAT* a year! For so-called "premium" domain names there are variable registration fees above 50 € a year.  Fees are decided by the competent Registry.

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